Sons of Ummyya


The Sons (as they are known) are located in the lands across the White Sea. The land there is harsh and desert in the interior but towards the coasts, the land is lush and temperate (North Carolina/Virginia). Mountains prevent many sightseers from traveling deeper inland. If you can get past the mountains, the natives are even worse. Finally, if you can get past the natives, the desert is even worse than both and goes on as far as any map knows.

Roughly 4.2 million square miles
189,000 square miles of cultivated land
Population density of 8 people per square mile


Sparsely populated census found nearly 32 million people.
Population Centers by Population:
1. Agzrab (940,500)
2. Khobar (787,300)
3. Ta’if (540,500)
4. Mikka (365,000)

Population Breakdown by Race:
1. Human 52%
2. Halfling 24%
3. Orcs 10%
4. Elf 5%
5. Half-Orcs 3%
6. Dwarf 3%
7. Gnome 2%
8. Half-Elf 1%


The economy of the Sons of Ummyya is a large economy that is fairly self sufficient. The Sons are one of the nations that lead intellectual discoveries of the land. They export the following fruits and nuts, carpets, leather, other animal products, and the production of some of the elemental ships. They import machinery, food, and raw materials. Taxes are collected by civilian administrators.


The Sons of Ummyya are a theocracy. The Sons are ruled by a governing body of the most respected priests of the land. This governing body is called the Shura. The head of the Shura is/are the male descendents of the prophet of the Ummyyad religion. The head/s of the Shura rule and take control of the daily business where in larger more complicated matters, they must take into consideration the opinion of the Shura. They are called the Eldest Son by the population and Eldest Brother by other members of the Shura.


The Ummyyad religion is the primary religion of the Sons. The Ummyyad religion is from the prophet Ummyya. Ummyyad is primarily based off the 6 Duties. This is a Dualistic religion that says that humanity was created so that they could be used in the armies of good at the end of days to vanquish evil.


The House of the Alchemists

The House of the Rediscovery of Science

The House of Wisdom

The Sons of the Sword

The Sons of the Shield

Various Mercantile Guilds:
Messenger’s Guild

Transporter’s Guild

Itros Guild

Medic’s Guild

Banker’s Guild

Trackers Guild

Shadow’s Guild



The use of magic permeates the society as much as any of the other societies on the continent.


The culture is slightly militaristic. The people have a close to egalitarian position between women and men. The relations between the other races are decently fair as well. Except the monster races, those monsters that have sentience are extremely discriminated against. Also, Orcs and their relatives are used as slaves in this area. Movement between the classes is possible but very unlikely except between the highest classes. Education is available but costs money. Architecturally, the style is very similar to the Sassanid. Tactics are based around a light mobile infantry and cavalry.

Sons of Ummyya

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