Rules and Necessary Game Info

Game Info

Any nationalities you find on here are acceptable to use. The game will take place mostly if not entirely in Thanaton. The further away your home is from Thanaton, the more explaining you will have to do. The base from the D&D 5E Player’s Book are all acceptable. Preferably, we won’t have a team of all exotic races. Also, any class from the player’s book is also good. Anything else should be checked with me. If you’re interested in a Ranger, I suggest the Unearth Arcana Ranger from the DnD website. Alignment, anything not evil.

Other notes, be prepared because resurrection spells are difficult to come by and expensive. True Resurrection, long distance teleporting, and overland flight are removed from the spell list. This is to facilitate traveling. The game should run from levels 1-10.

Rule Info

Roll 4d6 drop the lowest for stats. You can assign the stats however you want. If you have no more than 1 stat over 13 then you can choose to reroll. If you have 3 or more stats under 9, then you can choose to reroll. First level you get full hit die+constitution. Feats are available. We will also be making use of the boss fight rules found here:

Rules and Necessary Game Info

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