This is a small city state located on the edge of the Western Sea. It has only been able to keep it’s independence from other nations thanks to its outstanding military. The weather is a mild temperate climate. (Ohio)


Small city state, 70,000 people.

Population Breakdown by Race
1. Half-Elf 96% (67,200)
2. Human 2% (1400)
3. Elf 1% (700)
4. Other Races 1% (700)


This small city state is entirely self-sufficient. It produces all of its iron and steel from nearby mines which are owned by the city state. It has enough surrounding farmland to easily provide for its population and a fresh supply of drinking water. The city leaders actually try to encourage its citizens to stay at home and not venture out amongst other countries. Not that the citizens of Lacadon could trade with any of their neighbors as they have little money as the economy is a state redistributive economy. This functions with the state taking 75% of all production and handing it out according to need and worth to society. Any shortcomings or necessities that the people need are purchased by the earnings of the mercenary soldiers that the state provides to other nations.


Lacadon is an oligarchy. Once a man hits 160 years of age, they become a member of the oligarchy. There can never be more than 100 gerousia (oligarchs). If there are then they either fight in a dual for the position or one retires. The oligarchy is headed by two kings which are hereditary positions. The kings job is to run the states wars and appoint oligarchs if the limit is not reached.


Old polytheistic religion, the same that used be in the surrounding area until the religion of Adeodatus converted many of them.


Lacadonian Military

Lacadonian Oligarchy

Signing Office

Various Mercantile Guilds:
Messenger’s Guild

Transporter’s Guild

Itros Guild

Inventor’s Guild

Medic’s Guild

Banker’s Guild

Trackers Guild

Shadow’s Guild



Magic is only used for combat and production of arms. Where it is highly valued. The people believe in doing everything else without the aid of magic.


Combat. War. Citizens are raised from birth to kill. They live in barracks, train with weapons, and fight wars as mercenaries to stay in fighting shape. There is an ancient magical geas put onto the Kings that prevents them from putting anything above the good of the state or acting without unhonorably. So, all of the money from the mercenary wars are spent on public buildings or other improvements for the general welfare. They are in an ornate classical style. Education is basic, and advanced education is in martial prowess. Everyone is at least a 3rd level fighter. Obedience is the most prized cultural trait.


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