Gnomish City States


This a rough collection of completely independent states that inhabit the northern most peninsula of Glaedon. The most of the inhabitants and founders are Gnomes.


Roughly 195,000 square miles
5652 square miles of cultivated land
Population Density of 33 people per square mile


Medium population, it is estimated that a little over six and a half million people live (6,540,400)
Major Population Centers by Population:
1. Porto (760,000)
2. Zaso (642,000)
3. Olasa (492,000)
4. Ameria (377,000)
5. Salada (343,000)

Population Breakdown by Race:
1. Gnome 74% (4,905,300)
2. Human 9% (588,636)
3. Halfling 7% (457,828)
4. Dwarf 4%
5. Elf 4%
6. Half-Elf 1%
7. Half-Orc 1%


Gnomish economies are mostly self sufficient. Each city state has to produce nearly everything that the populace will need. Food is imported during the winter but few other things except for luxury goods are imported. The Gnomes export little but they are known for exporting fine wines, certain weapons, and technology


The Gnomish City States are located far in the north of the continent. The Gnomish City States are a collection of over a hundred individual cities that hold most of the Gnomish people in Glaedon. They cities all have a variety of governments and ruling classes that vary as much as the Gnomes feelings about their cities. The Gnomes rarely put up a united front when confronted with problems and the current issues with Thanaton are no exception. A few city states have requested assistance from Thanaton against the other Gnomes. The Dwarves of Thanaton did an unusual things (to the Gnomes) and decided that the best way to protect their allies was to conquer their enemies. So, that is why the war between most of the Gnomish City States and Thanaton started. This proves to be a very confusing scenario to the Thanaton


The Gnomes have their own pantheon that is worshipped in their lands. Outside of the Gnomish City States it is known as the Gnomish Pantheon. It is a polytheistic religion that traces its origins to the days when the Gnomes migrated to Glaedon from the far east.


Various Mercantile Guilds:
Messenger’s Guild

Transporter’s Guild

Itros Guild

Medic’s Guild

Banker’s Guild

Trackers Guild

Shadow’s Guild



Magic is an important aspect of Gnomish society. Most Gnomes have dabbled in magic a little just to gain access to its wide variety of uses. That doesn’t mean that most Gnomes have a class level in a magic class, just that they could probably set up a ritual if given an exponentially longer time than needed. Also, the Gnomes use magic for all of their other interests and since they are always dabbling in everything their society has what could be compared to as a thin coating of magic on top.


The Gnomes have developed a culture of intense rivalry and games. The use their various past times to help cool tempers after things getting heated and things invariably get heated. The Gnomes are constantly scheming and trying to find ways to set themselves up as the winning side to their fellows. Gnomes are considered highly competitive and fun loving. They are also thought of, and are, schemers.

Gnomish City States

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