The World of Lucina


Glaedon has had a long and turbulent history. In the distant past, there was a mighty orcish empire that ruled the continent. The empire during the chaos of the rebellions by the elves and dwarves. From that chaos, sprang two successor states one called Thanaton, ruled by dwarves, and the other Basilea Rhomia, ruled by elves.

The elven empire was established in the south and is large and prosperous. The dwarves have an equally large and powerful one in the center of the continent. The Humans are the most populous race on the continent, but are spread far and wide. They have created a kingdom on an island to the east. Finally, the other major race, the gnomes are bickering in city states to the far north.

However, foreign peoples from the south and west are pushing into the continent. The Ilk Kheshig Uls, a horde of monsters led by half-orcs, push up from the south. The Sons of Ummyya, a theocracy of humans, destroys everything in their path from the west. As if external threats were not enough, there are further dangers emerging from within. The Cult of Orcus has been growing in strength and rumors abound that they plan to release some new horror. A slow trickle of skeletons have been emerging to the east of the Dwarven capital for a few weeks now, but that steady stream has erupted into a geyser as 100 or more come forth daily. Fears that even greater numbers may yet appear from the mountains grow.

Into this tumultuous period of history we focus our story upon the city of Thanaton, the city of cities, the largest and most splendid metropolis in Glaedon. Where our story, our very own Odyssey begins.

Adventurers' Odyssey

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